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Welcome to Harley’s Page,,,


It is with such a very sad, and heavy heart, we inform you that Harley passed-on the night of November 9th, 2015.  Our family is simply devastated with this turn of events; we certainly did not see it coming.   Harley was an active, fun, lovable dog that brought warmth & love into our lives, right until the very last minute that cancer claimed her life.

We would like to thank the Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center, where Harley was taken care of.  A wonderful facility and a very caring group of professional individuals.  Julie and I thank you.
It’s been a month now, actually a month & two days since Harley’s passing. : (

Julie and I are still grieving and our emotions are running like we’ve lost a child. Some OK days, and some rather poor days,,,, still. Oh when will we feel able to put this behind us, I don’t know? And I’m not so sure I want to now. I can’t tell you how much we loved our Dog! Today, was a good day though – we took our friends’ dog for a long walk, and had his company over a couple of days. The dog-sitting was good,,, good to feel the Soul of a Dog again.

Jay and I know that having another dog while we are traveling is not the best scenario, so we’re going to wait until we hit New Zealand, and take things from there.
Thank you to all of you who have expressed condolences over the past month,,, we appreciated the comfort you provided us. We love dogs,,,& Life goes on.

Harley, we will Love and miss you forever.       [ HARLEY  2002-2015 ]









Photo 2015-11-09, 18 48 33



Photo 2015-11-10, 10 39 54









This is where it all started ----- HARLEY VISION! -----

This is where it all started —– HARLEY VISION! —–



Uhmm, no actually, THIS is where it all started!  North vancouver Pet Shop (2001), Harley chose us, walked right over and sat down beside us.   We took her home in her new bag.  How cute is that?








This is Harley’s brother, Koopa, on the right.   ‘the Best Boy!’   [sadly no longer with us]

harley with koopa



then there was the long hair era

then there was the long hair era   (I’m glad those days are over)



a walk around Victoria Harbour, BC (lookin' at boats!)

a walk around Victoria Harbour, BC  (lookin’ at boats!)



Some action shots,,,

Going to see the Whalesharks in La Paz

Going to see the Whale-sharks in La Paz



Crank it up! I want to get there, and then bark my head off

Crank it up! I want to get there, and then bark my head off



Croc hunting with Mom

Croc hunting with Mom



so where's the Croc's? I'm ready. (to bark my head off)

so where’s the Croc’s?  I’m ready,,,,,(to bark my head off)



on the look out for seals in Turtle Bay

on the look out for seals in Turtle Bay



,,,and sometimes, stuff happens, all part of the active dogs’ life.

wearing ouch




ouch close



,,,just one thing after another

lamp shade



Time to chill, relax & take it all in.

taking it all in



sunset look









port hole



That’s all for now,,, see you soon!

seal eyes




Baha Harley – enduring the Baha Bash up the Mexican coast       [Aug/2014]

News:  just in.  Harley made You Tube




2014 – Harley Shot of the Year

"I frickin' Love barking at Dolphins!! Good fun right?!

“I frickin’ Love barking at Dolphins!! Good fun right?!





 2015  –  Harley makes it to Hawaii  /  no problem.    : |


Harley back with Infinity in Hawaii

Harley back with Infinity!   [in HAWAII]



I asked James & Jennifer Hamilton (N52 DIRONA) for some advice about taking a dog or cat into Hawaii.   Jennifer confirmed it was no picnic, but do-able, just follow the rules. The ‘rules’ come in the form of a 4-page document from the Dept. of Agriculture, called CHECKLIST FOR 5-DAY-OR-LESS PROGRAM, which has 42 individual check-boxes. Each check-box requires some action.  No problem.  However, once your Dog is chipped, vaccinated, blood samples drawn & shipped & analyzed, and the results sent to Hawaii, you have to wait 4 months before you can enter with your Dog.   DOH!

Our window to depart to Hawaii was upon us and time, & tide, wait for no man.   Do we go without Harley right now, or wait another 4-5 months for another environmental slot?  Remarkably, we found this decision to be incredibly painful, but we had to go now.  Harley could stay with Dale & Mary-Ann in San Francisco.

We crossed our ocean without Harley and we missed her presence, you could feel the void in the vessel energy.  After we arrived Hawaii, Chloe flew back to San Fran to pick up Harley, and onwards they went back to our home in North Vancouver.  Then I had to go back to work and Julie flew home for Christmas 2014 with the family.

In February, 2015, we all met up in North Van, and prepared for Harley’s journey to Hawaii.  She would be entering Hawaii by plane, rather than boat as originally planned.  No problem.  I chased around the Internet for 2 days for a ‘pets-allowed-in-cabin’ flight.  WestJet confirmed my booking. Then I hear from WestJet, sorry, no can do, pets not allowed in cabin to Honolulu.  Many tense hours later we finally get a refund (note to self: must check that). The search is resumed and my stress levels are approaching DevCon 4.  Finally we find Air Alaska, and they have a flight to Honolulu that allows pets in-cabin,,, at a price.  It’s cost prohibitive for two, so Jay’s now flying on her own, with Air Canada on points.  It’s OK, we can do this.   No problem.

3 hours before the flight, the flight gets cancelled – message on my iPhone says “mechanical issue”.  The enormity of the situation is beginning to unfold.  I’m going to miss my connection at Seattle, and my connection at San Diego, and piss-off Dept. of Agriculture staff at Honolulu who are expecting us.  Next available flight is in 5 days time, all booked solid.  Through sheer diligence & the power of persuasion we manage flights for the next day.  I phoned Hawaii to let them know of the change in plans.

Julie gets on her flight to Honolulu, and I make it as far as Seattle. I proceed to the Air Alaska desk to get my hotel voucher because we are over-nighting. “Is that your Dog?” “You know you can’t take your Dog into Honolulu – there is an Embargo against,,,” Stop right there! I heard myself saying,,   After 2 hours of explanations at the service desk, and apologies all ‘round, I receive my boarding pass & hotel voucher.  Harley and I were going on a road-trip.  No problem.

Next morning, bright & early, we enter SeaTac and it’s chaos. 1 ½ hours in the economy line-up, I eventually get to the check-in desk.  “Is that your Dog?” “You know you can’t take your Dog into Honolulu”   Beam-me-up-Scotty!   I go into the whole epilogue of what has already transpired and how everything is cool,  ‘Air Alaska are well aware and are allowing this’.  The girl is not convinced and needs convincing. I’m starting to get concerned about missing the flight.  After another hour?  The girl hands me my paper-work, apologizes for the misunderstanding, and I leg-it for the Security Line-up.  Guess what?  No passport!  Not with my paper-work, not in my pockets, not in my back-pack, not in Harley’s carrier, not in this life can I believe what is happening. I leave the line and Run back towards the check-in desk, and meet the Check-in girl mid-way, heading towards me.  She’s sweating too, she’s upset but she has my passport!  Now finally through Security, I’m sprinting to the Gate.  I’m sweating like a mule, and panting as I thank God for keeping the plane for me,,,, I’m about 10 mins late.

“Sorry Sir, but is that your Dog?” You know you can’t take your Dog into Honolulu”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!   I’m shrieking, and notice Security arriving within like, 40 seconds.  Once again, we go through the dialogue & mechanics of how I am permitted to take this flight with Harley, when I notice the aircraft bridge pull away from the plane.  At this point, I lost it.  In between my rant, I’m conscious of only two things, Security un-holstering their Tasers and the plane moseying-on down the run-way without us.  Perhaps 15 minutes later I regain my composure and turn up at the SeaTac service desk once again.  I’m told I can get re-booked on another flight, no problem, in 4 days time, all flights are booked with President’s Weekend.  Somehow I’m able to convince her that it would be a good idea to get me on a flight,,, tomorrow!  I’m passed a boarding pass for San Diego and a hotel voucher, and off to the Hotel we go again.  Depression creeps in as I realize it’s Valentines Day and Julie is alone in Hawaii without me.  For a third day in a row, I contact Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture and restate our arrival intentions.    Digging deep, I  focus on the big picture, and sigh   ‘No problem’.

Next day, Boarding pass in hand, baggage checked-in days ago, I approach Security and he asks if I have a permit for the dog. What does that even mean??   “Yes, I have every piece of paper that you can imagine, every permit and every blood test, and Gov’t stamp you can think of.  I have collected and collated documents for the last 6 months, and today, we’re going to San Diego”.   Very good sir, have a nice day.

I’m challenged at the Gate for SD once more.   I’m really, really trying to keep calm.  I have nearly bit through my lip.  We have this exchange about how the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.  How Corporate say one thing, but Operations have no idea, they have no record.  I consider bursting into tears, but thankfully no need, they let us on the flight and we’re finally out of Seattle!  God and I need more time together.

I’m exhausted just writing this, but it’s how it all went down.  So, now we’re at San Diego Airport, standing by for the Honolulu Gate to open.  I’m approached by one of the Air Alaska staff.  She says she’ll have to see if it’s OK that I can take a dog into Honolulu or not, she doesn’t think so.   Excuse me?

The theme music of Twilight Zone is flooding through my head, and as calmly as I can muster, I explain the chain of events that has transpired over the last 4 days, and Yes we’re good-to-go, the D-O-G  is coming with me.  20 minutes passes and when I see her again, she says it might be OK.

At the Gate, where you hand in your boarding pass, I’m asked to step aside. It’s explained to me that I need to understand that taking a dog into Hawaii is not strait forward.

Oh really?   Thank you, I had no idea?

Another guy, younger this time, approaches me and says he knows I must have the Gov’t stamped import form on me, and he’ll need a copy right now.       I’m just staring at him.       He says “Dude, just give me the copy and you’re on your way”   I hand him a copy  (I have 6 )  I cannot say a word, I’m almost through my lip now.   As I’m about to step into the plane, a Stewardess sternly says  “Sir, keep that dog in the bag, keep the bag zipped-up at ALL times, DO NOT touch the bag in flight”   No problem, I say.

When we arrived Honolulu, I was met at the door to the plane and Harley was taken off me, and delivered to the onsite Vet who examined her.  I found the compound where she was kept about 30 minutes later and she was released immediately.   Harley, you made it to Hawaii!!    No problem     ; )


We had a couple beers that night.


,,,on the way to the Beach

,,,on the way to the Beach



good 2

taking in all in,,, “Hawaii is awesome”



Hawaiian haircut

Hawaiian haircut



For those intrepid dog/cat lovers who remain undaunted from the account above, check out the official form required from the US Dept. of Agriculture (PDF link below).  And please stop by Infinity anytime, and we’ll have cold beer waiting for you.  You’ll have earned it.

Hawaii – Dog import form-AQS-278-Nov-11a


  1. Wow, I’ve been hugging Keela since the second paragraph. All I can say is Harley owes you big time! Endurance is a good trait, expected to read, ” and then the air Marshall stepped in………..”

    Great read, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Gale!
    Yes,,, for a few moments there, it was tense. One officer had his hand on his side-arm. I thought, ‘surely that’s not for me?’ then I kinda calmed down, got a grip. I’m smiling now typing this, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad,,, ; )

Reply here,,, what are your thoughts?