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January 9th;  ,,,What’s your New Years’ resolution?

I’ve had an itch I’ve been meaning to scratch for a year or two, so I’ve signed up for Hawaii’s ‘KONA Marathon‘, on the Big Island, June 28th.    Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!



KONA Marathon


648 Helideck

this is my running track for the next few months,,, not really ideal training, though it will have to do



Tried running 10 miles yesterday (Jan 24th) didn’t feel too bad.  Today, left achilles inflamed.  The Arabic word for pain is ‘Alam’,    Not quite the way I wanted to learn Arabic.   :  (


March 7th, 2015:   I’m back offshore again, and this time running on an even smaller Heli-deck.   It’s been over 6 weeks since my last run  :  (    ,,, I’m still chipping away at it,,,so lets see how things go.


May 25th, 2015:  The training was back on-track.  I was getting out more, and stringing some distances together.  But today, another injury to my right calf.  Perhaps a muscle strain or something, but it’s stopped my training dead for another few weeks  :  (




June 28th, 2015:  MARATHON DAY


We sailed INFINITY over to the Big Island, and anchored in Kailua Bay.




The alarm goes off at 0345, and it’s pitch-black outside.  Off we go, 3 HP outboard putt-putting over to Kailua Bay’s dinghy dock.  From there, we get into the unloading-the-dinghy-and-load-up-the-rental-car routine.  It’s still way early and we’re on autopilot.  It was a 30 minute drive to the Waikoloa Resort, who were hosting the 2015 KONA Marathon.



arrival at the Race course

arrival at the Race course, about 0530



10 mins before the start gun

0550 – 10 mins before the start gun


It was a good start and I felt happy.  Too quickly though, at mile 1.5, my old calf injury raised it’s unwelcome head.  For a moment, well actually for half-an-hour, I thought my Marathon was over.  I realized the pain was moving around my calf, not isolated to just one spot, and for some reason this gave me the motivation I needed to press-on.




at mile 10, dealing with the injury better, and getting into a rhythm



At mile 15, I started getting these very weird electrical pulses in my legs, which felt like I was getting Tasered.  I had to stop immediately.  Once I walked for a bit, I would carry on running like it never happened,,, until the next electrical bout.  (perhaps a mile or so)  And on-&-on went these walk/run scenarios every time it happened.  It dawned on me right then-&-there, that this was how my first Marathon would unfold.  



the road to hell

the road to hell



This RIP allegory, was appropriately positioned at the side of the road at mile 15

This RIP allegory, was appropriately positioned at the side of the road at mile 15



I enjoyed this view much more

I enjoyed this view much more



Here comes the Finish!  It was an incredible feeling of achievement, and one I will have to remember,,, this is most likely a one-time event.     ;  )




a very satisfying moment



All-in-all, it was a wonderful experience, and everything I had hoped for.  Another A.Nemier Bucket-List item stroked off the list.  I thanked God many times during the day, and Julie too – for putting up with my antics which revolve around training for an event like this.  Now,,, it’s back to cruising the Hawaiian Islands.




thanks Jay, for all the wonderful support!  : )



2015 KONA MARATHON >> RACE RESULTS                             

I finished 7th in my Category   >Male  50-54<    

(equating to 135th out of 271.   Time: 05:07)




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