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Webb Chiles aboard his Moore 24 "GANNET," sailing out of San Diego's Quivira Basin in February of 2014. Photograph by: Steve Earley 757 406-3617 313 Downing Drive Chesapake, VA 23322

Webb Chiles aboard his Moore 24 “GANNET,” sailing out of San Diego


My personal tribute to the greatest Sailor that has ever lived.  This old timer has salt water in his veins.  Respect.












The Dudly Dix  Didi 26

OK, this is it, this is the one.  If I am ever going to build a boat with my own two hands, this is the one I’ve chosen.  (After the circumnaviation with Infinity, of course     ;  )




short accom






Meanwhile,,, the boats shown below are what have captured my attention & interest for the last few years.




This sailing machine has got the 2034 single-handed TransPac written all over it!  And it’s got my sailing juices flowing right now,,, Oh so many things to do.





Sam Devlin’s 24′  ‘Sooty Tern’

A most beautiful small sailboat to grace any back water.  Who’s says I’m not romantic?


Sooty_Tern copy small - 820K





 The Adventure 40     An exciting project developing on the East Coast.

I’m enjoying watching the growth of this short-handed circumnavigator.  The core priciples are everything I would want in a larger, offshore Rag & Stick boat.












Chloë Nemier - San Diego - 2014

Chloë Nemier – San Diego – 2014




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  1. any catamarans grab your eye?

    • Jeff! OMG! YES!! I am a HUGE Catamaran fan. In fact, just prior to purchasing INFINITY, I was seriously considering a big cat for our journey, but the more I thought about it, I realized that the sail area could be too much to handle for myself, (and especially my wife) at o-dark-thirty blowing 40 knots, with 4m seas. So, any Cat I get going forward will be a personal machine. I love Maine Cats, Outremers, and Gun Boats. Chris White has also been a big player in my thoughts. In fact I would love Chris to design a Trimaran for me, but perhaps that will be in the next life. This life though, I can’t seem to shake the idea of building my own Wharram Tiki 30 one day. Watch this space!

Reply here,,, what are your thoughts?