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The Departure Plan

The Departure Plan

  • Date Posted: Oct 15, 2013

After spending 10 months living aboard, learning, repairing, maintaining, cleaning, and generally getting to grips with our boat, we’re planning her first real Journey to kick off our adventure,,,


Jay and I have decided to enter the FUBAR 2013 Rally!


I’m extremely pleased and exciting about the decision, but as we make preparations I’m beginning to realize we’ll never really be ready,,,so many plans and ‘things-to-do’ not yet completed,,, but – none-the-less, we’re outta here!  :  )    I’m thinking the only thing that will get us in tune with offshore passage-making is just to go ahead and do it.   I’ve been planning my whole entire life for this but the only thing that really assures me is that Julie will be by my side.


Update:  31/Aug/2013  –     I’m still working offshore, and not at home (on the boat) sorting the endless list of things to do.  The feeling of “time is running out” is palpable.  When I get back to Vancouver, we’ll have our 25th Wedding Anniversary / vessel re-naming ceremony / Bon Voyage party all wrapped into one weekend party. Now that doesn’t sound too bad!  Then I guess,,, we recover,,,,, & go!



OCTOBER 12th, 2013     Vessel Re-naming/Christening Ceremony

Well, the day finally came, when we celebrated many great things:  1. Bon Voyage party,  2. Vessel re-naming (& boat Christening),  3, Chloe’s 22nd Birthday Party and,  4. our (Julie & Andy’s) 25th wedding anniversary!  The day and night were a great success, solely due to our fantastic friends and family.  :  )   Christening and Party photos below:


“the Christening Ceremony”

the Christening Ceremony

the Christening Ceremony















“Our Son, Kal, with Chloe.  Sadly, Kal is staying behind in Vancouver to continue Gymnastics.”

Our Son, Kal, with Chloe.  Sadly, Kal is staying behind in Vancouver to continue Gymnastics.

Our Son, Kal, with Chloe. Sadly, Kal is staying behind in Vancouver to continue Gymnastics.



“Chloe, with her Boyfriend, Blair”

Chloe, with her Boyfriend, Blair

Chloe, with her Boyfriend, Blair



renaming ceremony for INFINITY ∞

  “Oh mighty GOD …and great rulers of the Seas and oceans, to whom all ships pay homage, we implore you,,,in your graciousness to take unto your records this worthy vessel, ensuring her safe and rapid passage throughout her journeys.  In appreciation of your munificence, dispensation and in honor of your greatness, we offer this libation… 

Oh mighty GOD … & great rulers of the Winds, through whose power our vessel traverses your domain,  we implore you to grant this worthy vessel the benefits and pleasures of your bounty, ensuring us your gentle ministration according to our needs.  

“Standing before you God, we name this ship…  INFINITY ∞     May she bring safe passage and good fortune to all who sail on her.” 

“Dear Father, today in the witness of our friends & family, we give you… INFINITY ∞…with the prayer that she will forever be in your service & that the blessings of goodness, love and the grace of your kingdom will touch all who come in contact with her wherever she may be.  We pray for your presence in all circumstances, keeping harm far away and with a guiding light toward a destination of your choosing. 

We ask this prayer on  INFINITY‘s Christening Day, in Your Holy Name.  Amen.”


,,,now a few printable party shots,,,














OCTOBER 13th, 2013     Canadian Thanksgiving

“Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with Family,,,this is how I like to roll!  ;  )”

Celebrating canadian Thanksgiving with Family,,,this is how I like to roll!  ;  )

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with Family,,,this is how I like to roll! ; )







OCTOBER 13th, 2013     Chloe’s 22nd Birthday





OCTOBER 15th, 2013      Departure Day finally Arrives.

“leaving Vancouver behind,,,”

leaving Vancouver behind,,,

leaving Vancouver behind,,,







  1. Andy; thank you for the willingness to share your adventures with us land locked folks. Looking forward to reading your blog.

    • Stephen!
      Thank you! You my man, are our first ever person to reply to our site, and it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity,,,so thanks again. As we approach the day where we actually push-off, many things start appearing in my mind that weren’t that clear before. Like how am I going to reply to these posts in Mexico?… Shall have to work on that.

  2. Good for you and Julie!
    We missed you on our trip around Vancouver Island this summer but we’ll vicariously follow along on your trip down the coast and on the FUBAR rally. We’d like to do it in 2015 so take lots of pictures and notes and we’ll follow in your footsteps.
    Cam and Kim

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful boat, fabulous refit and 25 years of marriage! We are currently refitting our N55 and will be launching to Bahamas in Jan. I am excited for your FUBAR adventure!
    Best of everything,
    Tabula Rasa N55-18

    • Thanks Paula!
      And Congratulations to you guys too! I watched the purchase & the website for your boat with interest.
      I’m still overseas at work, but when I do eventually get back to Vancouver, it’s going to be ‘Full on!” until we leave. This last two-year period for us has been a whirlwind. I plan to write about it sometime. Thanks for your Note!

  4. Well, it’s finally here!! I’m so excited for you both after all the hard work and planning. John and I are probably about 8 years behind you but I can assure you my bug started from when we all sailed together and so much still my inspiration!! We have just booked to go to Gran Canaria in Nov to watch 200 yachts sail off across the Atlantic in the ARC rally. Something we are hoping to do one day. Have a fabulous time, hopefully we will catch up with you somewhere along your travels x x x

  5. You are leaving on my birthday !! Take care of yourselves won’t you, I shall miss not being your next door neighbour, but shall be following your progress, have fun, ( I know you will !) and keep on loving forever.
    Love you loads
    Linny Loo xxxx

  6. Thanks for the great party!! It was very fun to share the magic of your going away send off. Magnificent ship. Looking forward to following your travels. Our very best wishes go with you.

    • Hi, I just went through the refit photos and I have to agree, the glass finish on the splash-back is really amazing.
      Julie you have an amazing talent, a gift for interior design, all your hard has really paid off. The finish design is remarkable!
      Happy 25th Wedding anniversary. I was very sad to have been so recently post-op and miss your fair-well party. Love to you all.

  7. So today’s the day!!? Great weather for a send off. Have a wonderful and safe adventure. We’ll be watching with much interest (and a little envy). XO’s, M&H

  8. it’s 7:15pm Tue Oct 15. Tracking your progress. Amazed to see you almost in open ocean. How are things so far?
    Be safe.. Bob & Karen xx

  9. Hello Julie & Andy,
    The last time we saw you Julie, was at Joanne’s boxing day party, haven’t see you in ages Andy.
    We talked about your boat and upcoming adventure and now here you are, a few weeks into your exciting adventure!
    We took a look at the website with J&S, Infinity is a beautiful boat, a very special home on the water. We’re looking forward tracking you on your journey.
    Please keep us up to date with messages and photo’s.
    We’re thinking about you and wish you a safe journey.
    Katie & Robin x

    • Thank you all for your most welcome comments. We are currently in San Diego, and depart for Ensenada, Mexico, tomorrow (Nov. 4th 2013). INFINITY & all crew are in great shape!

Reply here,,, what are your thoughts?