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  • Date Posted: Jun 23, 2016


On May 15th, 2016, we picked up anchor from Bora Bora Yacht Club at 12-noon, and made our way over to Tahiti.  The journey was rather unpleasant, as we had headwinds-&-head-seas throughout the entire journey.  Mercifully, the transit was a short one.



Total trip time:  22 hours     

Total trip distance:  152 nm

Total fuel used:  128 gals  /  1.18 nm/gal



It’s always great to be heading to a new destination, but the feeling of anticipation was almost palpable with Chloë & Kal.  No doubt they appreciated Kiribati and Bora Bora, but Kal in particular was looking forward to the great ‘Metropolis’ of TAHITI.



Chloë surveying the scene, as we enter the Channel towards Marina Taina, Tahiti.




Finally, med-moored up to the marina quayside, Chloë & Kal stretching their legs




Our first night at dock,,, Tell me what better way to celebrate than a family pizza & beer evening at the Dinghy Bar?    Let the good-times roll!    Update:: by the end of our time in Tahiti, I’d end up enjoying/devouring about 12 of these 4-cheese and pepperoni pizzas!!




We were tied-up next to the marina entrance, so had lots of space, and always an opportunity to get the paddle-boards out.




INFINITY ∞   secure on it’s med-moor – facing the Island of Moorea,,, typically always providing a great sunset.




The Marina Taina was home to some of the most beautiful and current boats in the world.









Though we were enjoying our time at Marina Taina, our time with Chloë & Kal was coming to an end.     :  (

Over breakfast, we etched-out our plan for the remaining week.

  1.  Take INFINITY to Papeete Marina in the City so the kids could enjoy the weekend nightlife
  2.  Then head to Moorea for a few days,,,
  3.  Head back to Tahiti, and rent a car for a couple of days to fully explore the Island.




transiting towards Papeete Marina via the inner-causeway, (between the Island and the outer atoll reef).




the scenery is always spectacular.




entering Papeete Marina, directly situated in the middle of the town center – For two days,,,,, perfect!




alongside Papeete Marina




Our son Kal loved the time in city of Papeete, remarking that this was his best time in the two months onboard INFINITY.  (I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret that, but we’re happy he found his bliss  ; )

After the weekend in Papeete, we departed Tahiti, and transited over to Moorea.    (Moorea was great & turned out to be better than expected).

With Moorea under our belts, we headed back to Tahiti to rent a car, and do some exploring!



we got lucky, & were assigned this little red Peugeot to zip around the Island with.




and our first stop was the Vaimahutu Falls, which is one of three Faarumai Waterfalls in the northeast part of Tahiti Nui.




Kal and I bathed in the overspray for a while. The thundering cascade reminded me of Chatterbox Falls in British Columbia




just gotta do the photo,,, but as they say, the photo does not do it justice




10 minutes hike, another Falls, and time for lunch.




taking the coast road around the Island, and enjoying the scenery



Intense, but magnificent weather as we get back to the boat at Marina Taina.  Moorea in the distance.









back onboard INFINITY for family happy hour & games night. ‘Heads-Up’ seemed to provide the most laughs (as did the 15% alc/vol Red Wine),,, just sayin’




last night with the kids, and Julie cooks up a storm,,, as always.




The last meal? A full-on, roasted chicken dinner with all the trimmings. Yeah, the salon door was open, & sweat was pouring out of every pore,,, but immensely worthwhile




May 27th  –  Bags packed,,, in just a few hours, our kids are leaving us,,,




With the kids now gone, it’s back to just Julie and I onboard INFINITY, once again.  One of the ‘take-aways’ from cruising with your Partner is that you are forced into growing as a couple.  We’ve been spending 24/7 together, living in close quarters, and often in strenuous physical and/or emotional conditions.  I’m happy to say we are thriving  :  )     We’ve learned to rely on each other more now (than perhaps we otherwise would), and this continues to build respect, love  & trust.  With 28 years of marriage behind us, I feel new wonderful horizon’s are in our future.




Time to get busy again. Julie is making a Sunbrella cover for our paddle-boards




cutting out the pattern   –   I wonder what it will look like?




Tadah!!   It looks and fits perfect!  Over the next week, Jay also made covers for the shore-fed water filters, all the hatches, and repaired the Scooter and Dinghy covers.



About a week later, we got word through our agent that some poor weather was due to hit Marina Taina.  I checked it out and it looked ugly.  In fact, I had one of those gut premonitions that very morning.  Coincidence????  God is teaching me well, and Julie and I have agreed to never ignore a gut feeling.  30 minutes later we let the lines slip, & we were outta there.  Our exit was intense,,, seas were building quickly and I was seeing gusts of 40 kts, with the wind howling and cold rain sheeting down on both of us as we brought up the anchor. (which was amidst the multitude of bow lines zig-zagging from the rows of med-moored yachts).  We kept calm, but I mentioned to Jay how it does not really get any more hairy than that.  Over to the more protected Papeete marina we go!




Good-bye Marina Taina  (sure wish it was like this when we had to leave)



With no real rush on our hands, Julie and I decided to stay put at Papeete Marina, and enjoy the convenience of the city.  Several times during our stay, we’d walk to the Bora-Bora Lounge, to enjoy a cold beer.  And other days we’d take our scooters around the Island.  It was great to have the freedom to do that, and we seem to appreciate the scooters more-&-more as time goes on.




Papeete Market




Many events are held each month throughout the year.   This month (June) Tahiti hosted an ‘Around Island” Bike race.




Anyone familiar with our blog, knows how in-love we are with Dogs. So far we have seen French Polynesia a very-much Dog friendly country.    [we miss you Harley]




We meet up with other cruisers and Nordhavn owners from time-to-time.  Imagine our pleasure when we pulled into Papeete Marina and saw Dick & Gail Branes from N57 – ICE DANCER II.  The last time we saw each other was in Ko Olina, Hawaii.







dick & andy

Dick Barnes, owner of N57  ICE DANCER II.   Dick and Andy take Ice Dancer over to Marina Taina to fuel-up for Dick’s return to Hawaii.




For those of you who may frequent our blog, you’ve come to see our life at Sea is regularly interspersed with periods of repairing equipment.  ALL boats are the same, no matter if Power or Sail, mono / catamaran / or trimaran, Fiberglass, Aluminum, or Steel.  They all have issues from time to time, and this is just a fact of ocean-crossing boat ownership.

So which components needed attention this month?  Fortunately, only three.  (so far)

 Iridium Sat Phone;  this turned out to be just an Admin error from our Airtime Provider.  We had renewed our contract for another year, but the airtime credit had not been applied to our account.  Once we got to Tahiti, I was able to contact them by email, and once alerted to the issue, they quickly resolved it, and we are back in business.  All tested, all working great.

Sub Zero Refrigerator;  We had noticed our Fridge temperature rising from time to time and the Nordhavn Owners Group alerted me to the fact that the Condenser Fans have a limited lifespan.  We checked the fan, and sure enough it was occasionally stopping.  We accepted the fact we would need new ones, and ordered them through Hawaii.  Then the Fridge died all together.  Through several U-Tube videos, we learned that the failure of the condenser fan could put an additional load on the Start Relay, so we ordered that from Vancouver.  The parts should be here soon.     UPDATE;  Our refrigerator parts arrived about 10 days later, and we immediately got to it.




Splicing-in the new Relays and fitting the new Condenser Fan motor
















component cost



Shore Power Cable;  During a torrential down pour one night, our cable connections had seen enough moisture to short, basically fusing the North-American MARINCO connections together.  Marinco spares are hard to find in Tahiti, so we were left with few options.  We chose to chop the fused connections out of the cable and join them together, thereby eliminating further connections and making one single shore-power cable, out of the two.  To this cable, we installed the 200 amp / 240v connector.  It’s a beast!  – made specifically for the SuperYacht vessels.  We then had a completely separate cable made up with a 32 amp / 220v connection with seems the most prevalent here in the South Pacific marinas.  No Marina? = no problem.  We use the generator.


connection fused



After a few weeks ‘free-time’, visiting restaurants and local Bars, we entered a maintenance period on INFINITY.  Time for a rub-down and some wax!


clean roof

As per usual routine, we start on the Pilot House roof and work our way down.



all you need

ALL – YOU – NEED ; )



J anchor



andy cleaning anchor



andy cleaning plate



andy in water



shiney boat



shiney boat 2

INFINITY ∞ looking great — about a week’s work!



Now back to the Fun!    5 short videos (from our Facebook page) of a diving trip we took with the owners of N62 – ‘WALKABOUT’,  (John & Veronica – who were tied-up alongside Marina Taina).  It is always a pleasure to meet other Nordhavn owners, and we quickly struck up a friendship.  They invited us to a BBQ onboard their N62, and the following day, we all went diving together.  Great times.     :  )

Our dive site featured 2 wrecks:  a sunken Catalina PBY (aka – ‘Flying Boat’)  & the ‘PAPEETE’ Schooner (built 1891)  /   75′ of water  /  Papeete inner reef.
dive 1



dive 2



dive 3



dive 4



dive 5



CDN infinity


CDN oblong



                Happy Canada Day !



this is how we celebrate Canada Day on  INFINITY!  –  July 1st, 2016



The local diving wet our appetite for something more adventurous.  We had heard of the Tuamotos Islands and the great Diving offered there, but we’d have to backtrack several hundred miles to go there, and was it going to be worth it?  Of course it was!  We pack-up INFINITY ∞  and head for Rangiroa.


leaving Tahiti

Moorea in the distance, it’s time to depart Tahiti and head to the Tuamotus Islands for some Scuba Diving.








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