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La Paz,  MX

La Paz, MX

  • Date Posted: Nov 19, 2013


La Paz  –  Arrival  –  November 19th, 2013


INFINITY & crew arrived safely at 1000, right on my 49th Birthday!

This is the last stop, the end of the road for the FUBAR 2013 Rally, the official closing date tomorrow, November 20th.  It was a great experience and certainly one I would recommend to those new to distance cruising, like us.

After a few days of the inevitable chores and cleaning, we chose to use the facilities and lounge a bit.  The Costa Baja resort is a great place to do that  :  )













,,,And of course, there was the odd party to attend to:

“Bill & Kay O’Meara, with Bob Senter (in centre!)”

Bill & Kay O'Meara, with Bob Senter (in centre!)

Bill & Kay O’Meara, with Bob Senter (in centre!)



“Kay, and Lilly & Don Weippert”

Kay, and Lilly & Don Lippert

Kay, and Lilly & Don Lippert



“Capt. Ron with Larry & Debbie Gaddy  (N43 – Tropical Blend)”

Capt. Ron with Larry & Debbie Gaddy  (N43 - Tropical Blend)

Capt. Ron with Larry & Debbie Gaddy (N43 – Tropical Blend)



“Neil & Dianna  (N-40  Salacia)”

Neil & Diane  (N-40  Salacia)

Neil & Diane (N-40 Salacia)



“Chloe, Julie, Lugger Bob, & Andy”

Chloe, Julie, Lugger Bob, & Andy

Chloe, Julie, Lugger Bob, & Andy



“Julie & Andy  (N-62 Infinity)”

Julie & Andy  (N-62 Infinity)

Julie & Andy (N-62 Infinity)



After the first week, we got ourselves into town.  A few times we took our scooters, if shopping we went by Taxi.  This one night, we joined up the the gang from ‘Family Time’ and Dinghied over to the town centre.  We had Ribs @ Bandidos.  What a great night, fantastic company.  :  )







 BOAT-WATCH    A couple boats caught my attention.  I’m always looking.  (do not worry INFINITY, I will always love you)

“GALEOCERDO, the exotic Wally”

GALEOCERDO, the exotic Wally

GALEOCERDO, the exotic Wally



“SPRING DAY,  Lilly & Don’s N-76”

SPRING DAY,  Lilly & Don's N-76

SPRING DAY, Lilly & Don’s N-76




Many nights were spent chillin’ on the boat, sundowner in hand, perhaps a nibble or two, watching the sun set. Actually, my idea of Heaven.

“Julie makes her famous Nachos.  Fitting I thought.”

Julie makes her famous Nachos.  Fitting I thought.

Julie makes her famous Nachos. Fitting I thought.



“Gulet sunset”

Gulet sunset

Gulet sunset




December 1st, 2013 –   party on INFINITY for the Fubar stragglers.  The best part about Organized Cruising is that you are guaranteed to meet wonderful, like-minded people.  We really enjoyed the Fubar, and now it’s time to continue our Journey.  We depart La Paz December 3rd, bound for Puerto Vallarta!

“Party on INFINITY”  (Neil, Dianna, Larry, Debbie, Julie, Jenny, Jan, Greg & David)







  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Andy – 39 again and living the dream! wow!!

  2. Hi friends. and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andy.
    Wow, a race, how exciting. When do we get more photo’s, or is there some where I should be looking on your website?

    • Hi Debbie! Not a race, but an organized transit for 30+ boats. Hope to post up some photos/journals of Ensenada, Turtle Bay, Mag Bay and La Paz in the next few days.

  3. Hi Pal Happy Birthday we have phoned on the infinity phone just goes straight to a mail box hope your getting the messages Love Dad Joan

  4. Andy/Julie
    Glad to hear that the first legs of your journey were so successfull. How long is your stay in La Paz?

    • Hi Richard!
      I’m back at work and just getting caught up with the ‘site. It’s taken me a while,,,like two months! Hopefully the next phase will go better blogwise. I’m just finishing our last destination ‘Puerto Vallarta’ and will upload that in the next day or two. To answer your question, we stayed 15 days in La Paz and the last couple months in PV. This spring (2014), we’ll explore the Sea of Cortez. Thanks for writing, great to hear from you!

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