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Christmas Island, KIRIBATI

Christmas Island, KIRIBATI

  • Date Posted: May 4, 2016



On April 12th, 2016, we finally left the Island of OAHU, which had become our home-away-from-home.  I was actually unsure if the time would ever come, so great was our time in the Hawaiian Islands.  We will remember the consistent warm weather, cooling trade winds, glorious sunsets & the wonderful ALOHA Spirit.  Until we meet again, Thank you Hawaii for the last 16 wonderful months.  MAHALO.



Ko Olina 2

We never got bored of the Ko Olina Sunsets















Ko Olina 1

our back-yard for 16 months




Our best friends in Hawaii — JoBeth & Scott Marihugh



Andy and scott

Andy & Scott,,, with just two beers



Jo Beth and jay

Jobeth & Jay lovin’ the camera




the Ko Olina Clan at LONGBOARDS,,, the night before we left for Kiribati



last supper

Chloë, Kal, Jay, Scott, Jobeth, Andy & Gary Tempstra, at Longboards.                                                     (if you want batteries in Oahu, Gary is your man!)




the INFINITY signature drink,,, the Mojito     One last time, the night before our transit.     (Thank you Mary & Larry – N57 ‘No Plans’  for the glasses!)



bye zuly

Julie and Zuly. (With Harley’s 4-legged friend, Calvin) Came by to say Bon Voyage.



bye job andy and jay

Jay, JoBeth & Andy,,, minutes before we pulled away from Oahu



final crew shot

the official INFINITY “Oahu Departure’ photo  –  Chloë, Julie, Kal, & Andy



fianal with james

no group of photo’s would be quite right, without James Ellingford in the frame. (James & Claire, –Pendana–, our N62 buddies).




Julie corralling the kids into departure action



Pointing INFINITY South into the Pacific waters, we commenced our transit from OAHU to Christmas Island, KIRIBATI.

This trip is a family reunion with Julie, Andy, Chloë & Kal Nemier, all together again, just like the good ol’ times.  After our stay in French Polynesia, Chloë departs for Norway, to start her new life with her boyfriend Henrik.  And Kal starts his University education back in British Columbia.  When will we all meet up again?

As we exited the Barber’s Point channel, we encountered a plethora of shipping,  and a complete failure/shut-down of our primary Nav (Nobeltec) system,,, (we’re perhaps 20 minutes into our trip at this stage)  No drama.  We fired up the secondary Furuno plotter and restarted the Nobeltec again, (after checking all the connections were tight), and had no further issues with it.

The first day out was so rough that it was ‘every man for himself’.   Nourishment-wise, no one felt like eating anything anyway.  The second day we rallied together to re-heat some Thai leftovers.  The third day was better and we managed to bake a Lasagne.  We had our first coffee’s of the trip on Day 3.  That felt good, I loved that.

Day 4, the Nespresso coffee machine was re-installed in it’s rightful place.  For most of the voyage, the weather did not really improve much, with continual heavy head seas & winds.  But our sea sickness medication was working & we soldiered on.  Our last 24 hours, as closed in on Christmas Island, were thankfully peaceful with calm winds and seas.

After a shaky start, I’m now realizing that the boat & crew are actually pretty well sorted.  And it’s funny how it can take a rough transit to substantiate that.  I actually like these longer passages because they enable you to fine tune your vessel.  During the transit, the boat’s operation has primacy in my thoughts.  It allows me to capture what’s important to make the boat go; (what is really paramount, and what’s just fluff).  I have a totally revised TO DO list, now that another 1160 miles has passed under the keel.

As we are approaching Christmas Island, 24 miles out.  I’m sitting in the salon in total air conditioned comfort, my iPad mini beside me showing our present position, and it occurs to me that I have everything I could ever want right here.  My family is upstairs and we are all enjoying this wonderful experience of visiting the South Pacific together.  Next week, we’ll see Bora Bora, Raritea, and Tahiti.  I feel so very fortunate to be able to enjoy this ‘once in a lifetime’ experience as a family.  Who says God is not great?  Right now, I’m sitting in the awe and wonderment of it all.



transit sunset

sunrise as we approach Christmas Island – good Omen?



transit raibow

don’t like the clouds moving in,,, but we’ll take the rainbow



CI readying anchor

Jay & Kal preparing the anchor for our Customs Clearance into Kiribati



CI arrival clan

Julie, Kal & Chloë watching the dolphins escort us into the anchorage



CI arrival

Anchor down!! (we’re actually closer to shore than it looks) Sundowners next!



J watching

Jay on anchor-watch   ; )



CI beach wave 1

for a few days these rollers came in. We we anchored just outside of harm’s-reach



kawii stbd

Coaster / Trader, “KWAI” I met the crew, they were interested in hearing all about INFINITY, and I was more interested in their fantastic riveted/steel hulled beauty. They trade local goods amongst the South Pacific Islands.



kwaii stbd stern

when asked if they carry sail often, the Captain replied “when-ever we can”



CI chloe kal zodiac

Chloë & Kal taking it all in, as we make our first Christmas Island visit.



CI chloe kal beach

Outside “Timei’s” House (pronounced “SIMI”).  Much of Christmas Island looked like this



picnic beach

Our chosen Picnic spot



rental car

our rented Charabanc / from John Bryden. While we had the car, we toured around the towns of LONDON, BANANA, & POLAND



beach clean up

then, we set up camp here for the day



beach clean up 2

unfortunately, the area was littered with some plastic bottles, so we decided to remove what we could see.



beach bounty

126 plastic bottles rescsued in total, and delivered to John Bryden’s recycling bin.




Chloë, Kal, Timei & Jay. Timei is the local “Go-To guy” in Christmas Island, and hooked us up with John Bryden.



Bob and Marje

Friends of James & Claire (N62 Pendana), BOB + MARGE were also anchored at Christmas Island, in their Catalina 42 sailboat. We spent a great day & evening together.



The day before we headed out, we decided to grab some diesel, basically to stem the generator use.  (During the transit and during much of our time at anchor, the generator was running 24/7 for Air Conditioning).  Well, that refueling event turned out to be a hairy adventure.  No photos, no time for that.  The surge was so great at the commercial dock, that we were ‘live-boating’, and actively repositioning the fenders for much of the time.  Don’t ever want to see a ‘next time’.

We had one other issue during our stay.  The plastic PEX fitting underneath our Hot-Water tank let go.  Chloë heard the mid-ship’s bilge pump running, and alerted me to the noise.  Naturally this took place at O’Dark thirty, as I pumped out the space and spent 20 mins rummaging around the engine room for spare fittings.  Luckily we had one, and we were back to “Fully-Operational” status inside 30 mins.

Our stay in Christmas Island stretched out to 7 days.  We chilled-out a few days, BBQ’ued and swam off the bustle.  The Island tour & picnic took a day.  And of course ‘Island Time’ played a role with our clearance, immigration, banking and diesel delivery.  It’s easy to account for the days clicking-on by.




TOTAL TIME FOR JOURNEY:  168 hrs (7 days)


TOTAL FUEL FOR JOURNEY:  979.6 gals     /     1.17 nm/gal






  1. I am a huge fan of the N62 an the story of your purchase is quite amazing. I will sit on my little cruiser and wait for a Nordhavn to pass by now! Your upgrades and color choices for the PH and other areas really give the 62′ a modern feel. Just changing out the fabrics makes a world of difference! Please post more pictures of the interior as you get time. Most N62’s do not get interiors modernized.

    I see you are all over the South Pacific and are able to look up at the Southern Cross. Someday we hope to do the Coconut Milk Run and see some of the same places as you.

    • Hi Tim!
      Thank you for your kind words about INFINITY. the more miles we put under the keel, the more pride we have in her. She is serving us well and taking care of us, so it’s a pleasure making her look good!

      Our South Pacific cruising is going well. On Sunday we’ll travel to MOOREA. During our stay in French Polynesia, we are planning on getting to RAIATEA, HUAHINE, & the TUAMOTUS.

      And thanks for helping us diagnose the “posting-to-the-INFINITY-site” issue. Hopefully we’ll see more comments here in the future.

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