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Australia  –  (Covid-19)

Australia – (Covid-19)

  • Date Posted: May 7, 2020

 We are NOT in the same boat

I heard that we are all in the same boat, but it’s not like that. We are in the SAME STORM, but not in the same boat. Your ship could be shipwrecked and mine might not be. Or vice versa.

For some, quarantine is optimal. A moment of reflection, of reconnection, easy in flip flops, with a cocktail or a coffee. For others, this is a desperate financial and familial crisis.

Some living alone may be feeling endless loneliness, while others may be finding peace and solace.

With the government’s emergency funding, some may be brining in more money, while others are working more hours for less money due to pay cuts or loss in sales.

Some families received a stimulus, others did not.

Some were concerned about a certain candy for Easter, while others were concerned about the uncertainty of having food.

Some want to go back to work because they don’t qualify for unemployment insurance and are running of out of money. Others are horrified by those who break quarantine.

Some are home spending two to three hours a day helping their child with online schooling, while others are spending 10 to 12 hours at work hoping they will have time and energy to engage with their children.

Some have faith in God and are expecting a miracle; others are saying the worse is yet to come.

Some have experienced near death but have recovered from the virus; some have already lost a loved one; some are agonizing, hoping and praying that a loved one will survive. Still, some see the pandemic as overblown, no big deal.

So, friends, we are not in the same boat. We are going through the same storm, with some of us anchored in safety, while others are adrift in a skiff. Our perceptions and needs are different.

Each of us will emerge from this storm with a different story of this journey. But let kindness be a common theme of our narratives. Let’s not inflame, blame, or shame. Let’s remember we are not all the same, yet here we all are navigating uncharted waters. Let’s do our best to be mindful of those who need help to stay afloat.




On March 8th, 2020, I made it out of India and back to Julie (& INFINITY), just before the madness started with Covid-19.   I can’t believe what is happening with the world right now – it seems like a bad dream.  For the last couple of months, Julie and I have been both well & safe onboard.  We have each other (and all we need) so we’ll continue to ride this out like the rest of the world.  I guess we are fortunate that our lives have not changed too much, because as ‘boat people’ we are used to isolation, and our own company.  We’re using this time as an opportunity to run through the vessel “To Do” list, update this website, catch up on some reading, and watch some movies.

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone at this unprecedented time, especially to all who are experiencing personal loss through Covid-19.  Stay safe, and hang in there guys.




Although Australia is officially easing the Covid-19 restrictions, Julie and I are exercising our own health regime by boosting our immunity.  Actually, not really different to how we normally live, but perhaps we’re juicing with more purpose now  😉


we enjoy getting off the boat, stretching our legs, and actively participating in our own health



Believe me, this stuff tastes good!! 👍





We woke up with a beautiful sunny day, and wanting to make the most of it we decided to walk to the beach.  It’s easy to feel like we were the only people on the planet.  The beaches are officially ‘open’, but not many participants just yet.


The beauty just hits ya!   (the beach, palms, sun and sand not bad either! 😜)






This is the main street of Airlie Beach – usually bustling with thousands of tourists, cars bumper-to-bumper, and back-packers criss-crossing the streets.  Different scene this week.  In fact, this has been the scene for the last 8 weeks.  90% of the shops are still closed, even though the government has issued a phased-in back-to-work program.  I’m hearing that many owners are not opening because they will not be making enough profit until the restrictions are fully lifted.  Even then it may take years for this tourist town to recover.  😕


The main street empty and kind of eerie. But we make the most of it, by enjoying the smooth transition from the town to the beach with unfettered access.



With no local restaurants open, we make our own fine dining onboard.  This evening’s protein – rack of lamb. (it was delicious!)



Onboard INFINITY, it’s business as usual, and into maintenance tasks.  For all the boat aficionados out there, believe it ot not – but we are now down to 12 items on the INFINITY TO DO list, down from well over 100 (at the beginning of Covid-19)


Julie working on an Engine Room light fixture. In this case, we were epoxying new attachment points to the lens cover.  Task No. 013  Done 



Not a bad place to be at any time.   But while this craziness in the world continues,  we can at least enjoy our surroundings and wait it out in this wonderful backdrop at Coral Sea Marina.


The view from our aft deck onboard INFINITY.  I toss the paddle-board in the water, and one step later I’m in my Spiritual bliss, and feelings of Gratitude come soon.  Every time.




(However – we do miss you Canada!   🇨🇦 )  Our original plan was to return to Vancouver, once I arrived back from work in India.  After discussions with the Australian Border Force, it became clear that If we left Australia we would not know if and when we would be able to return.  With plenty of time on our Visas, we made the decision to wait Covid-19 out here.







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    • Thank you Bryrick. The message was sent to us from a Canadian friend, and re-posted here. (Original source unknown). I do think the message is appropriate in that we all may have different views on how to handle the outbreak, and we grant each others’ opinions with respect.

  1. I suppose you are following your friends sitting in the waters on the west coast of Scotland?
    I notice you do the same things, fixing the small tasks needed on you boats !
    Take care !
    Rgds LeifJ/Sweden

    • Hi Leif,
      Great to hear from you. Fixing small things on an ocean-capable trawler is never ending, and actually part of the “Lifestyle”.
      I enjoy it (great sense of satisfaction) when I know what I’m doing, which is probably about 50% of the time. The rest of the time I’m on a continual learning curve which I guess helps to keep me out of trouble. 😉

  2. Seems like yesterday that we were at the marina in San Diego saying good bye to you all. looks like you all are doing fine. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Michael!
      INDEED!! It does seem like yesterday! However, Time and Tide stop for no man.
      Many thanks for your comment – it is certainly great to hear from you. Yes, we are doing fine, despite this crazy time in all our lives. Of course our kids are in separate countries living their own lives now, so it’s just Jay and I holding the fort. We were just commenting a few days ago how INFINITY has become threaded into our lives. (no going back now 😜)

  3. I think you both made a great choice staying in Australia a little bit longer. Hawaii has been shut down and discourage all tourist not to come here, no more flowers but instead 15 day quarantine to your room. Ko Olina has been shut down and just opened the beach by the Marriott and marina for single walkers. Governor Ige changes his mind daily as to when we will reopen, yes this is the same governor that forgot his password to the missal alert system. Been in this condo going on 7 weeks – and rather in need of some retail therapy. You know my advise – enjoy each other and be safe. Calvin sends his love. Prayers, Hugs, and safety.


    • Hi Zuly! Julie says a Big Hello!! 😁
      Thanks for the update on Oahu. Pretty much the same situation here in the Whitsundays. All we can do though, is stay positive! “This too shall pass” (I hope so! 😜). God bless. Mahalo.

  4. I see you have a big searchlight on top of the wheel house. Can I ask the name of the company (& model number) that makes it. Do you happen to know the dimensions of the searchlight; housing diameter , height, bulb wattage. Is your unit manual lever controlled or electric joystick controlled. Thank you Nick Christie Va Bh Va US

  5. I see you have a 137 kg (300 lb) CQR plow type anchor. Do you have other anchors on board, if so curious on what type and weight they are. Kind regards, Nick Christie Va US

    • Hi Nicholas, Great to see you here again 🙂
      We have just the one main anchor, which is always ready to go. (free-fall mode).
      We do have a spare BRUCE anchor (30Kg – 66Lbs) which is kept in the stern bustle, for anticpated stern anchoring or Kedging. But it has never seen the light of day.
      Our singular main anchor is well maintained, regularly inspected, and regularly used to ensure it’s effectiveness when required. 👍

      • Thank you Andy for your thought on anchoring. Very much enjoyed the journey thru the website.
        All the best
        Nick Va US

  6. Hello Julie and Andy. Looks like your “covid boat” is doing just fine:) And, with deep gratitude, so is ours. We are all well and enjoyed the pool and our backyard all summer. Martin and James (who is back in Calgary) have adjusted to on-line uni. We are so fortunate in so many ways.
    Take care,
    your old neighbours, Jude and John

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