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This service was established in MAY 2020 (mid Covid-19 Pandemic) as an online tool to help cruisers (or potential cruisers) who wish to have an independent point-of-view on their boating questions, or topic of interest.  We have “been there, and done most of that” and will draw upon this experience to answer your questions.  ?




  • Sailboat owners moving into Trawlers
  • Sail and Power Cruisers who wish to cross oceans (setting up your boat)
  • Potential owners wishing to purchase a boat (Sail or Power)
  • Boaters seeking advice on vessel selection
  • ‘How To’ advice on equipment selection and set up
  • Boaters wishing to establish a ‘professional’ relationship in the marine industry



ALL INITIAL INQUIRIES ARE FREE   (Only repeat customers will use the paid-for service).     |     +61 466 914 123




  • Gathering information through the Internet is time consuming, and can be overwhelming
  • Differing opinions on the internet often confuse the matter at hand
  • Trusted, unbiased, completely independent opinions based on 38 years at sea
  • Quick, decisive information is essentially worth the minor expense




  • Simply select the time period that you envision your research will take.
  • If you have a one-off question, or a single day of back-and-forth emails, choose one-off advice
  • If you have multiple questions over multiple days, choose the one month service
  • If you foresee the need to have an alternate opinion on boating matters ‘on tap’, choose the annual service
  • Information is provided by email or over the phone, or both.  Your call.


select service period


  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Simply request a refund if you are not satisfied with the service.
  • Yes, it’s that easy.  (I’m a man of my word).


Andy Nemier

Email Address:

Phone number:    +61 466 914 123     >> currently in Australia – this is an Australian cell number<<



I encourage an active discussion below.  Please let me know your thoughts about IYC – or ‘ask-away’ with any boat related questions.  Your participation is encouraged.  ?



  1. Hi from Germany, I just started the search for my next boat. We now live on 44 ft sailing boat since 2 years.

    Short question would you buy again a older 62 or better a smaller newer Nh.


    • Hi Carsten,
      Thank you for your post, and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.
      If I had my time over again,,, I would do exactly the same thing.
      We were only in the market for a Nordhavn 62, & we could not afford a new one. This one just appeared right in front of us one day, we took that as the good Omen it was, and have never looked back. However, as I’m guessing you already know, there is certainly some work ahead of you if you go down this road. INFINITY is improving as everyday unfolds, & we personally find the work rewarding,,, others may not. For us, this was the right decision. Thanks for contributing to our website. : )

  2. Andy,

    What are the tax implications for a Canadian purchase? Is there any possibility of leaving the boat in the Caribbean for example and deferring tax? As you know the 15 plus 9.5 % is a lot of money for a larger Nordhavn coming to Canada.

    Duncan MacIntyre
    Nova Scotia

  3. Hi Duncan,
    Yes, the costs are certainly huge and will no-doubt form a large part of your decision making process, and may even affect how you’re going to use the boat.
    Unfortunately, it appears that if you intend to use your boat in Canada (at all) you’ll be liable for the tax.
    Although I’m involved in Yacht Sales at JMYS, I’m certainly no specialist in taxation and always tell my Clients to seek legal advice from a professional.

    We chose to pay the taxes on INFINITY, as we wanted to work on the boat (in Vancouver) prior to our travels. And for the majority of cases, the reality is that there is just no way around this (as far as I know), so make peace with it now – and account for it.

    Of course you can choose not to pay Canadian Tax, but then you would not be able to import the vessel or cruise your own home waters for any reasonable length of time. Some people do manage to circumvent this requirement by only cruising home waters for a limited duration, and always watching the clock. Just imagine that your “get-out-of-Dodge” date is say Sept. 9th and your all set to go, and then a storm rolls in holding you at Bay so to speak. Then the game is up anyway,,, payment required. I actually did exactly what you are doing now, educating yourself as best you can in these matters,,, seeking advice,,, but every time I found the answer to be ‘just pay the taxes, and be done with it’. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but hope this helps a little bit.
    Let me know how things go for you. ????

  4. Do the folks reading this page see any value in starting a dedicated Facebook page for IYC?
    Please let me know.

    • Andy,

      It’s taken a few weeks of casual Nordhavn ‘research’ to land on your site, then find your IYC service info.

      What a great idea! I’m in. As a certified Dreamer, I’m a few years away from waking up to the reality of a boat payment that rivals my mortgage. I do, however, want to get there and the research continues.

      I’d love to subscribe to IYC, if you’re still offering it. I’ve got, and forever will have, many questions.

      Thanks for the entertaining website and stories.

      – John Hankammer

      • Hi John,
        Looking forward to having you onboard! ⚓️
        Yes, IYC continues to be very active, and your contributions are most welcome. Please email your questions to:, and we shall take care of everything you wish to know. Satisfaction guaranteed. ?

  5. Hey Andy, Love the IYC idea and will sign up. The photos update is fabulous and Infinity looks great! So do you and Jay! Facebook, Instagram, you have to be on them all anymore. Good thing is you can tie them mostly together and one post can go to many. Keep enjoying the Whitsunday’s!!

    Nick Hayes

    • Great to see you here Nick! Thanks for the kind words. IYC has really taken off, and keeps me out of trouble ?

      • Oh you need to stay out of trouble! 😉 I have a video request, if I may. I’ve seen all of the 62 tour videos.. but they are always lacking something, going through the boat showing all of the storage spaces and talking about organization and what to keep where, along with covering the “home” side of items.. pots, pans, kitchen utensils, the proverbial “junk drawer” or even where people place their keys.. It is a floating home and I suspect full timers such as yourself wind up with some of the same habits that we have when on land. Thoughts?


  6. Hi Nick, hmm… ? I’m going to have to look around for some MOJO to tackle that one. I’m not really the ‘video’ guy, which is one of reasons I am not more-involved in 2020 Yacht Sales. Turns out, i’m not really a fan of the whole ‘video’ thing? ? who knew?? However, if you have any questions that I can answer here, then I’m you man!! ?

Reply here,,, what are your thoughts?