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Article 001  –  Transit from Hawaii to Tahiti  –  2016/Apr/10


2016 has so far been a whirlwind of activity, no-compromise attitude, and stress.  Thinking “you only get out of life, what you are willing to put in” has helped us power through the last few months.

On January 2nd, Jay & I saw an opportunity to invest in a North Vancouver property so we pounced on it, and closed the deal January 5th.  We were able to consult with the lawyers, real estate agents, financial institutions, & surveyors, and get them all on the same page to close the deal in three days.

A few days later we flew back to Hawaii to host guests onboard.   Unfortunately, I had to go back to work in India, leaving INFINITY uncharacteristically, less than perfect.  Now fast forward 2 months,,, Julie’s birthday was approaching but the stars were aligned and I was able to return to Hawaii the day before to help celebrate her Birthday.  We also had family over to the boat to help us celebrate the occasion.

The next day (March 8th), I had to fly to Sacramento to sit my California State, Yacht Salesman’s License.  I have been dreaming about doing this for a number of years.  I was fortunate to align myself with Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales, and will be working towards International sales in the future.  Thank you Jeff, for this wonderful opportunity to work with my passion.  So,,, then it’s back to INFINITY to receive more family guests aboard.  Shortly after saying goodbye to our guests, we flew back to Vancouver to move house!  We had 9 days to move what was left of our (28-years-together) ‘stuff’.  I don’t mind saying that I was running near empty around this time.

All of us then flew back to Hawaii to start getting ready for our Journey to Tahiti, in earnest.  We are blessed that our Son, KAL, and our Daughter, CHLOË, will be joining us for the transit!



Chloë, Andy, Kal, & Julie Nemier

Chloë, Andy, Kal, & Julie Nemier  –  Waikiki Beach, 



We have started shopping for food & supplies, and rented a car to take us around the Island, gathering provisions.  Almost daily parcels from Amazon continue to flood in.  This routine will no-doubt continue until we cast off the lines.

Our desired route and departure date has changed somewhat, from our original plan.  Now that Chloë & Kal were able to join us, we chose to head to TAHITI and spend 6 weeks there, together.






Tahiti is the center of French Polynesia, which we will use as our base.  We’ll be able to make trips to Moorea, Bora Bora, Tetiaroa, & the Tuamotus Islands, and then come back to Tahiti to enjoy what the larger metropolis has to offer.

The transit ahead of us (to TAHITI) is around 2500 nautical miles, with only one planned stop along the way, being Christmas Island, KIRIBATI.  The stop in Kiribati is almost ‘half-way’, and will allow us to catch up on some sleep, maintenance, and say hello to the locals.  I’ll  also try to bag some diesel    :  )



If you ever wondered what planning a transit across an ocean (by Trawler) looks like, this is what we do below:

  • Study Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Routes book,  (for weather patterns, seasonal go / no-go times, distances and reference materials)
  • Go to for latest updated (& virtually live) destination information (visas , appropriate flags, etc)
  • study South Pacific Pilot / Routing Charts for environmental info, and historic weather patterns spanning several hundred years
  • review the most recent Lloyds Maritime Atlas for Weather Hazards at Sea
  • cross-reference British Admiralty Pilot (NP62) Pacific Islands v.III for piloting instructions approaching the islands and weather information
  • consult Admiralty Chart Catalogue NP-131, to overview which paper charts are applicable / available
  • make sure the boat is prepared (Engine Room maintenance tasks should really have all been completed)
  • secure funds for the journey, safe-away a couple thousand dollars in US & Australian cash (in small denominations) to assist in unforeseen circumstances
  • start your journey with the best possible local weather forecast, for at least one week ahead
  • ensure you and your vessel are prepared for Heavy Weather, and have a game plan / equipment prepared incase it’s required.
  • start your journey with the best possible attitude, frame of mind, and confidence in your vessel & crew



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