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Latest update: August 24th, 2018

Where the hell are we?   Well, I am happy to report that we currently cruising the Islands of Vanuatu 🇻🇺

The last two years have flown by, with what can only be described as fitful attention to our website. 😧    The reasons for this are many, ranging from the pyscological “just no mojo for it” to the logistical “IPad only” decision I made at the beginning of the year,,, resulting with the Infinity website left wanting.

I guess the recent cruising we’ve experienced (and more importantly, the people we’ve met) has inspired me to continue the website where we left off. The motivation to catalogue our travels for our friends and family continues,,, engines “all ahead” 😎



So, the order of my attention will go to the following updates:

1. Repair the incomplete Norway to Singapore commercial delivery.  Done!  (Port Villa, Vanuatu)  Aug. 26th, 2018.

2. Create & upload the New Zealand Listing

3. Update several figures & details through multiple pages

4. Add a dedicated photos section of INFINITY.

5. Write about our transit from New Zealand to New Caledonia

6. Our time spent in New Caledonia and Vanuatu

I will be sending out INFINITY Update Notices from time to time, but please feel free to quick-scan the website whenever the mood takes you. Looking forward to reconnecting with you soon! 😎





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Latest Site Updates:    

2017/Nov/11          repaired (Aug.26th, 2018)        Norway to Singapore  (commercial delivery)

2017/Aug/09          PassageMaker Magazine article:   Where is 6218 now?

2017/Jun/09:          F I J I  Listing

2017/Jun/10:          INFINITY Facebook Videos  /  collection to date




Greetings from our Nordhavn 62,  INFINITY ∞                                  

We are Julie & Andy Nemier from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.                 CDN vertical

A&J cropped 2

(Maldives, 2011  …dreaming about our ‘one-day’ Nordhavn 62)



∞∞∞∞∞          ∞∞∞∞∞          ∞∞∞∞∞          ∞∞∞∞∞          ∞∞∞∞∞          ∞∞∞∞∞          ∞∞∞∞∞          ∞∞∞∞∞ 



We purchased our vessel in November 2012 and headed south a year later, for places unknown.   An East-to-West circumnavigation is certainly the intent (God willing),,, but we feel blessed for every day we get on the boat, and take each day as it comes.

We also created a Facebook page which may be updated more frequently, as we go.  Check it out:





North America  -to-  New Zealand





New Zealand  -to-  Vanuatu

(total milage since leaving Vancouver – 16,522 nautical miles)




How to contact  INFINITY ∞, when we are offshore.   (SMS / Email / Call)

SMS Message –   Go to:  enter our Iridium-Go number, which is: 881623460932, and type in your message

Email – Send a standard email to our Offshore email address: 

Direct Dial – Simply call +8816 2346 0932






Please feel free to contact us, or  ‘Post-a-Reply’ on any page or listing.

Julie & Andy Nemier

m/v   INFINITY  ∞


  1. Hi Andy,I’m looking at buying a Nordhavn 62,for my wife and I to cruise the Pacific ,based from Melbourne,we are boat people (Bertrams up to 35 foot)
    Question,are you able to manage a 62 footer with just the 2 of you?

    My only concern if we bought one,would be the managing of one as 2 people.

    regards Rob.

  2. Hi Rob,
    My wife and I handle the 62 around the docks just fine. In fact, I could single-hand the vessel if required, no worries. For distance travelling, it’s a matter of just getting into the groove with the watches. A third / fourth person is handy for multiple day transits but not absolutely required.

  3. Congratulations on your 26th wedding anniversary… May you both see another 26 happy, prosperous, and healthy 26 years cruising aboard Infinity!

  4. Many, thanks Gary! We sure do feel blessed being able to share this time together, passionately. I think the cruising lifestyle enables us to get more out of ‘everything’.

  5. “The Voyage” page has stopped working. The jumping arrows, when clicked on, do not link to the photos of your stops in Mexico. Are the links broken or did you remove the pages? I enjoy your story. Incredible make over/interior decorating of the boat. Good travels.

  6. Hi Gilbert. From time-to-time the site develops issues, but I just checked it, and all seems to be working fine. Whenever you press a jumping ‘balloon’ it will immediately bring up a description box, then press “More Info” at the bottom-right of that box – and that should bring you to the Voyage Page you’re after. Thank you for kind words about the boat. : )

  7. Hi Gilbert – Update 29/Sep/2014: Your note spurned me into action,,, You should find everything working more intuitively now, no more jumping balloons or ‘more-info’ boxes. The site has been streamlined for faster redraws, and hopefully you’ll find it more uniform & consistent through-out.

  8. I am glad the site is up and accepting comments again. I look forward to seeing more about your time in Pacific!

  9. HI Tim,
    Thank you for your comment & participation. Please comment as often as you wish! We welcome the interaction : )
    I’ll take this opportunity to update some of our future plans.
    BORA BORA & TAHITI were great. We have also visited MOOREA. We’ll be staying in TAHITI for a couple of weeks, then moving on to discover a few more of the Society Islands,,, HUAHINE & RAIATEA.
    Then we will visit the Cook Islands (RAROTONGA, and perhaps AITUTAKI).
    After that, we’ll continue working our way West, visiting TONGA and FIJI.
    New Zealand is our final destination for 2016, hopefully arriving Auckland, October 1st.
    ,,, our Kids, Chloë & Kal, left us last night, so it’s just Julie and I from now on.

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