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Welcome to Andy Nemier’s Journal of all things Infinity & Nemier.  We’ll jump in here and of course take our discussions to ‘INFINITY’.  I have been planning this for more than 30 years,,, “to write”.  I would love to be a ‘writer’, (which is actually a child-hood dream of mine), but with the single exception of dreaming about it, I haven’t put much energy towards it.  Until now.  Well, the emerging new year (my 51st) seemed appropriate to launch such a new venture.  In fact, I have several new ventures planned for this year, and they will all be unveiled right here in due course.

So, our next big endeavor, is our planned Journey to New Zealand.  We shall be departing Hawaii March 31st, and arriving Auckland, October 1st.  A 6-month cruise through the South Pacific Islands.  I’ve roughed-out a loose schedule and I’ll upload the details of that Journey, in my first proper Journal entry, No.001.  See you then!

Reply here,,, what are your thoughts?