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I have worked at sea, in the Sub-Sea / Offshore Oil industry for over thirty-five years, basically all my working life, – I have done nothing else.

Currently, I’m engaged as an Offshore Client Rep for Subsea Installations, specializing in Diving, ROV, Pipe-Lay,  & Heavy Lift Operations.   I work for a time offshore, & then we have time off to go cruising.  The schedules are not set in stone, but we can more-or-less choose when to work & when to cruise.  I believe we are very fortunate and I thank God for these opportunities.

During my career,  I have worked in these various capacities:  Client Site Representative, Sub-Sea Consultant, Offshore Manager, Diving Superintendent,  Diving Safety Specialist,  Bell Diving Supervisor,  Saturation Diver,  ADS pilot,  & Air Diver.




Currently, (July-August, 2017) I’m working in Norway as the Delivery Superintendent for the new-build Diving Support Vessel KREUZ CHALLENGER






IMG_1670 copy

DSV  Toisa Paladin – 2015  –  Vietnam – Saturation Diving Supervisor 



IMG_1686 copy

Toisa Paladin’s Diving Bell



2014 - Dubai - Client Rep

DB/PLV Global 1201 – 2014 – Dubai – Client Rep



2012 - India - Diving Superintendent

DSV  Seamec III – 2012 – India – Diving Superintendent



DSV Bibby Topaz - 2010 - North Sea - Saturation Diving Supervisor

DSV  Bibby Topaz – 2010 – North Sea – Saturation Diving Supervisor



DSV Bibby Sapphire - North Sea - 2008 - Diving Superintendent

DSV Bibby Sapphire – 2008 – North Sea – Diving Superintendent







I started working in the Mersey Docks in Liverpool in 1983, not the easiest of places considering my Canadian accent and 4 million unemployed in Britain at the time.  Passion will take you anywhere though.


[ to be continued,,, one day,,]

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