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I’m playing around with various things on the site.

I decided to split my own page into individual pages to help separate / define whats’ passion & what keeps the wolves from the door  ;  )

1.  Work:         – ’cause people often ask

2.  Sailing:      –  once a sailor, always a sailor

The set-up may change as time goes by,,,





  1. Andy,

    What are the tax implications for a Canadian purchase? Is there any possibility of leaving the boat in the Caribbean for example and deferring tax? As you know the 15 plus 9.5 % is a lot of money for a larger Nordhavn coming to Canada.

    Duncan MacIntyre
    Nova Scotia

  2. Hi Duncan,
    Yes, the costs are certainly huge and will no-doubt form a large part of your decision making process, and may even affect how you’re going to use the boat.
    Unfortunately, it appears that if you intend to use your boat in Canada (at all) you’ll be liable for the tax.
    Although I’m involved in Yacht Sales at JMYS, I’m certainly no specialist in taxation and always tell my Clients to seek legal advice from a professional.

    We chose to pay the taxes on INFINITY, as we wanted to work on the boat (in Vancouver) prior to our travels. And for the majority of cases, the reality is that there is just no way around this (as far as I know), so make peace with it now – and account for it.

    Of course you can choose not to pay Canadian Tax, but then you would not be able to import the vessel or cruise your own home waters for any reasonable length of time. Some people do manage to circumvent this requirement by only cruising home waters for a limited duration, and always watching the clock. Just imagine that your “get-out-of-Dodge” date is say Sept. 9th and your all set to go, and then a storm rolls in holding you at Bay so to speak. Then the game is up anyway,,, payment required. I actually did exactly what you are doing now, educating yourself as best you can in these matters,,, seeking advice,,, but every time I found the answer to be ‘just pay the taxes, and be done with it’. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but hope this helps a little bit.
    Let me know how things go for you. ????

Reply here,,, what are your thoughts?